How do I clear my browser’s cache?

he process of clearing cache differs from browser to browser. Generally speaking, look for an option to delete cache or temporary files in your browser’s administrative settings.

If you use Internet Explorer 9 or 10 click the gear icon in the top right.

  • Go to Safety > Clear Browsing History.
  • Select "Delete Files."
  • Delete Temporary Internet Files.

If you use Internet Explorer 7 or 8:

  • Go to Tools > Internet Options.
  • On the General Tab under Browsing History, select "Delete Files."
  • Delete Temporary Internet Files.

If you use Mozilla Firefox

  • Go to Tools > Clear Recent History or Clear Private Data.
  • Select only “cache.”
  • For “Time Range to Clear,” choose "Everything."
  • Select "Clear Now."

If you use Google Chrome

  • Click on the Settings button in the top right of the browser. (three horizontal lines). 
  • Select Clear Browsing Data. (In later versions of Chrome, go to Tools > Clear Browsing Data).
  • Select only "Empty the Cache." In the dropdown that reads "Obliterate the following items from" select "the beginning of time." 
  • Click the "Clear Browsing Data" button.
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