How to enable autoreminder for end-users?

To enable login reminders email follow the instructions:

  1. Login to the LMS as System Administrator
  2. Go to ‘Modify the System Settings
  3. Under ‘E-mail settings’ section you will see ‘Permit Sites to Allow Login Reminder Emails’
  4. Tick the box and confirm changes by clicking ‘Update’

This is the first step, after the e-mail reminders are allowed for the sites, each site needs to set the e-mail options.

This can be done from system administrator by:

1)      Log in

2)      Click on Manage Sites

3)      Select one of the sites from the list in the box and click on Modify Site

4)      Click on Modify Site Settings

5)      Under the E-mail Settings section:

  1.  insert the Reply-to address
  2. Place a tick in the Allow login reminder emails box
  3. Select the amount of hours the link in the e-mail will be valid for

From site administrator login:

1)      Log in

2)      Click on Administration

3)      Follow the same instructions from no. 4 above

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