As the Site Administrator, how do I report on retired users?

When a user is retired, their name will not appear on the reporting list by default, but you can still report on their course usage and results by following the instructions below:

1) From the Main Menu, click on the Administration option.

2) This will take you to the Modify Site Menu where you will see several options. Click on Site Admin Reports.

3) You will now see a page displaying the reporting options available. Under the User Options section, place a tick in the Show Retired Users box, then select any other options you want to apply and the type of report you want to generate.

4) When you get to the following screen, the box to the right will display all the users registered on your site. The active users are displayed in black. The retired users are displayed in grey (but still selectable). The box on the left displays all the courses available to your users. In each of the boxes, select the courses and users (active and retired) for which the report should display the details, then click on Generate Report.

5) Depending on the number of users and courses you selected, you may see the message.

‘You have selected a large number of courses or users. Please note that this report may take some time to be generated. Are you sure you want to continue?’

If this happens, click OK. The report will be generated and will appear on screen. If any of the retired users appear on the report, the word ‘Retired’ is displayed next to their name.

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