How do I find out about my password if I’ve forgotten it?

The way you should go when you’ve forgotten the password to the Nimbus LMS will be determined by the setup of your system. There are two possibilities:

1. Your site/sites allow login reminder emails – simply use the Forgotten your login details? section which is available on the very first page of your Learning Management System. When you fill the appropriate box with your email address and submit it by clicking on ‘Send me a login reminder’, you should receive the email notification which will contain your user ID and allow you to change your password after accessing the link sent to you.

Please note that you will be able to perform this actions only if your profile information are completed correctly (your e-mail address is valid and memorable information are set up).

2. Your site doesn’t allow login reminder emails – if this is the case, next to the login box you will see a message:

Forgotten your login details? Please ask your system administrator to check your details or reset your password.

This means that only site or system administrator can reset user’s password.

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