As the Site Administrator, how do I assign users to groups?

Users can be allocated in two ways:

  1. Login to the LMS → go to ‘Administration’ → Click on ‘Manage Site Users’ → select users and click ‘Modify User’→ From the box ‘Group Memberships’ select  group or groups (holding ctrl key – allows multiply selection) to which you would like to assign user → Click ‘Update’.
  2. Login to the LMS → go to ‘Administration’ → Click on ‘Manage Site Groups’ → From the list choose group to which you would like to assign learner → Click ‘Modify group’→ ‘Modify group users’→ than highlight user/users on the left hand side and click single arrow (when you scroll on it you will see description ‘Add’), after that you will see user/users on the right hand side → click ‘Update’ to confirm changes.
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